An Organization Dedicated to Spiritually-Elevating Films & Media Projects 

What Is A Spiritually Exalting Film or Media Program?

It uplifts and inspires, it explores higher realities and the higher potential of man and woman. It exalts the worth of the individual and shows the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. It differentiates between light and darkness and affirms light as the essential nature of all things spiritual. It leads people, through images, music and messages, to create inner and outer worlds of beauty, truth, love, non-violence, harmony and happiness. 

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - Joan Holman, President of Joan Holman Productions and creator and producer of the award-winning PBS television program The Legacy of Achievement featuring the lives and lessons of great achievers, has established an organization dedicated to developing and promoting spiritually-focused films and media projects.

Ms. Holman says: 

"Media programming has a profound impact on the human consciousness. Those who create programming have a responsibility for shaping the attitudes and behaviors of millions and tens of millions and hundreds of millions of people on this planet."

The powerful tool of media can be used to elevate or degrade the human spirit and the human condition. Movies and media programs can be spiritually exalting and uplifting when when they show the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and the overcoming and victory over darkness, disease, death, violence, hatred and injustice. Unfortunately, anti-heroes have been glorified and presented as role models in many movies and other media programming. 

But now, with the the opportunity for everyone to be a producer and disseminate their programming via the Internet, the usual gatekeepers and power brokers in the media can be by-passed. At the same time, Hollywood exerts great power with what it produces, so let's encourage and support those who produce positive programming."

The Spiritual Cinema Alliance will work towards making spiritually-elevating films a recognized and integral part of the entertainment industry. It will enlist cooperation from, and association with, individuals and organizations dedicated to supporting and promoting Spiritual Cinema and inspirational media as well as faith and family-friendly media.

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