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The Mystical Marriage, The Transforming Power of Love and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Movie: The Phantom of the Opera
copyright 2005 Joan Holman

Gaston Leroux wrote The Phantom of the Opera in 1911. Although there have been a number of film and television versions of the story, none have come close to the phenomenal success of Andew Lloyd Webber's stage musical adaptation of the novel.

MOVIE IS BASED ON LARGEST GROSSING PRODUCTION IN THE WORLD FOR STAGE OR SCREEN -- Lloyd Webber's stage musical of Phantom is the largest grossing stage or screen production in the world, with worldwide box office receipts of over $3.2 billion. Since its debut in London in 1986, it has reached an estimated audience of 80 million people, with more than 65,000 performances in 18 countries. The original cast recording has sold over 40 million copies worldwide and is the biggest selling cast album of all time.

A STUNNING WORK OF CINEMATIC ART-- Lloyd Webber has met the challenge of transforming his stage musical is an absolutely stunning work of cinematic art. This film works in all levels: artistically, musically and dramatically.

UNIVERSAL APPEAL OF THE PHANTOM -- The powerful and enduring appeal of the story of the Phantom results from its striking a common chord with men and women throughout the world. That chord is the universal archetypal characters and themes that tap into the collective unconscious of mankind.

ARCHETYPAL EXPRESSION OF SOUL'S SACRED JOURNEY TO THE DIVINE -- Psychologist Carl Jung, who first arrived at the theory of archetypes, referred to marriage of the masculine and feminine as an archetypal expression of wholeness and as a union of the conscious and unconscious poles of the personality. The Phantom of the Opera presents an archetype found at the core of existence in most cultures, religions and mythologies. That archetype is the symbol of the mystical marriage/the supreme union and of the binding of opposites through love. The supreme marriage or mystical marriage represents the soul's sacred journey to the divine.

THE TRANSFORMING POWER OF LOVE -- I found myself totally immersed in the film and its story. The beauty of the music, the sets, and the costumes uplifted me and carried me away to a fascinating different world. At two separate times, I actually cried because I was so touched at a very deep level. Once was during a scene of tender, pure and innocent love between Christine and Raoul. The other time was during a scene with Christine, Raoul and Erik (the Phantom), in which Christine's expression of love is so powerful and so real that it transforms the disfigured soul of the Phantom; it transforms the darkness into light.

THE MYSTICAL MARRIAGE -- The film culminates in the mystical marriage of opposites: of masculine and feminine, of conscious and unconscious; as represented by Christine and the Phantom. Christine also exposes that it is not the physical disfigurement of the Phantom that really matters, but the disfigurement of his soul. As she takes pity on his soul and expresses deep compassion, we, the audience, are caught up in the radiation of genuine spiritual love. Such representation of profound spiritual realities and spiritual sentiments uplifts and exalts the audience and is truly the mark of genuine spiritual cinema.

Love rules the court, the camp, the grove,
And men below, and saints above:
For love is heaven, and heaven is love.

Walter Scott (1771-1832)

About Joan Holman -- Joan Holman is the founder and Director of the Spiritual Cinema Alliance. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this nonprofit organization is dedicated to developing and promoting spiritually-focused films and media projects.

Ms. Holman is also the creator and producer of the award-winning PBS television program The Legacy of AchievementTM featuring the lives and lessons of great achievers. Her Legacy of Achievement Foundation is creating a living library of outstanding individuals of all races, cultures and backgrounds who exemplify positive characteristics and accomplishments.

Ms. Holman has a multidimensional background as an author, speaker, producer, business consultant and former psychotherapist. She was Director of Tourism for the city of Minneapolis and was instrumental in making Minnesota a popular location for feature film production. As part of these efforts, she worked on feature film productions, including locations, casting, and involvement of community resources for production and promotion.

Ms. Holman is a book development consultant for "Career Wisdom: Success Advice from Outstanding Women Achievers," a book that will feature success advice from a multiicultural group of women history makers, Nobel prize winners, CEOs, University Presidents, and leaders in business and the arts. Career Wisdom is being developed through the assistance of Dr. Camille Cosby. Both Dr. Cosby and her husband Bill Cosby have been involved in numerous philanthrophic endeavors that help improve lives and communities.

Ms. Holman authored the book Hands That Touch, Hands That Heal: The True Story of Sister Rosalind Gefre and Her Pioneering Work in Healing Touch." She also plans to produce a film about the amazing life and achievements of Sister Rosalind, considered by many to be a living saint.

The Spiritual Cinema Alliance serves under the umbrella of the National Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., which has been helping individuals, corporations and communities express themselves in the charitable, educational, scientific and religious sector since 1968. The National Heritage Foundation has 7,000 foundations under its umbrella.

"Joan Holman has a relentless focus to produce something positive to lift the human spirit. I can't say enough to describe the GREATNESS of Joan Holman other than she is in in simple terms a GREAT HUMAN BEING and for that she will always have my friendship and support."

Dean L. Mitchell, acclaimed artist

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