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The Faith and Family Friendly media market is a popular and growing market. The Hollywood Reporter dubbed 2014 the Year of the Bible.  Projects like Noah, God is Not Dead, and The Bible TV series have consistently surprised Hollywood expectations.

Christian Films Have Hollywood Believing – Moviegoers can expect to see a lot more films with faith-oriented themes coming their way. Why? Quite simply, faith-based movies are turning out to be phenomenally profitable ventures.

The Passion of the Christ grossed $612 million worldwide, was marketed to churches and opened the door for development of more faith based programming. There is, in fact, a large market for faith and family friendly programming not only movies, but television programming has emerged such as Duck Dynasty, The Bible, House of Payne, the Red Tent, Killing Jesus, Preachers of LA, etc. The faith and family friendly audience had been underserved for many years, but that is changing. Many films have been successful, such as Heaven Is For Real ($91 million gross); Son of God ($67 million gross) and others. 

Such organizations as Focus on the Family and the Dove Foundation are endorsing media programs, and movies are being screened at churches. 


Using Positive, Meaningful Media to Enhance Lives

copyright  2015 by Earl B. Heard 

excerpts from an article in BIC Magazine  (April 2015)


"Wholesome magazines, books, movies and videos can help change lives for the better. ……

In 2013, BIC Media Solutions expanded our media investments, and in 2014, we began funding, co-producing and helping market inspirational and faith/family friendly movies, with our first feature length film being "A Gift Horse," which is now available to watch. Visit for more information.

Now that "A Gift Horse" is out, we will be using our films as we do our complimentary subscriptions of BIC Magazine and our books for personal growth to help build stronger relationships in business, industry and the community. We will also begin making our films available at a reduced cost to those who want to use them as a gift or to donate as fundraisers. 

I want to share a few more reasons why wholesome books and films make great gifts and relationship builders. Giving the right books and films is important. In a way, a book or movie defines the taste and value of the giver. People appreciate premiums that flatter their intelligence and the right book or movie can do this.

About the BIC Alliance

April 2015 marks the 31st anniversary of BIC Magazine and BIC Alliance is the parent company of BIC Magazine, which is the America's largest and most read multi-industry, multi-departmental energy magazine, with nearly 100,000 readers and 300 marketing partners. Earl Heard, the Founder of BIC Alliance is enjoying semi-retirement, but is committed to producing inspirational and educational media programs, including faith/family friendly films and videos."

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