Mother Teresa: The Legacy
Mother Teresa's works of love and selfless service affirmed the greatness and dignity of every human person and transcended religion and politics.

Peter Pan
I love this movie! This new rendering of the Peter Pan story was pure magic and joy! I highly recommend it!

 Read Joan Holman commentary about this movie.
It's A Wonderful Life
Directed by legendary Frank Capra - one of the most inspiring spiritual films ever produced powerfully illustrating the value of a single human life and the importance of community. 

Frank Capra said, "There are no rules in filmmaking, only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.” 

Spiritual exalting films do not have to be dull!

Lost Horizon
Another Frank Capra masterpiece-- showing the dream of Shangri-La, a Utopian society, and the love of "Twin Souls"

Star Wars
George Lucas's first Star Wars film is the classic story of the Hero's Journey, a spiritual journey we are called to take to reach our spiritual potential. "The Power of Myth" as taught by Joseph Campbell was foundational to Lucas's creation of this masterpiece that deals with universal themes and archetypes. How good do you feel at the end of this movie? We all felt inspired, uplifted, hopeful, like we can fight the good fight and reign victorious over the bad guys, right? The heroes are likeable (although quite human and prone to mistakes and shortcomings), but they still overcome all odds and do what is best. And the music is truly inspirational as well.

The Conscientious Objector

Very inspiring documentary about Desmond Doss, who served as a medic during World War II and would not carry a gun because of his religious beliefs. He was the first conscientious objector to win the Congressional Medal of Honor. Desmond was unwilling to compromise his beliefs and his integrity and was also uncommonly brave and self-sacrificing for his fellow man.

Somewhere in Time
Produced by Stephen Simon starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, a love story that transcends time

Nicholas Nickleby
An absolutely beautiful rendition of Charles Dickens classic novel. Produced in 2002, it features a spiritually and morally exalted hero whose love and decency overcomes opposing forces of hatred, greed, lust and treachery.

Illustrates the continuity of the life of the soul

Starring Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald with a beautiful story of the enduring love of "Twin Souls" that surpasses time and place

A look into the world of fairies and magic - produced by Wendy Finerman who also produced "Forrest Gump.”

Life is Beautiful
Film critic Roger Ebert says: "Life Is Beautiful'' is not about Nazis and Fascists, but about the human spirit. It is about rescuing whatever is good and hopeful from the wreckage of dreams. About hope for the future. About the necessary human conviction, or delusion, that things will be better for our children than they are right now." Roberto Benigni, who co-wrote, directed, and starred in the film is one of the great comics of Italian cinema. He has made a fable about the salvific powers of love and laughter. The movie won the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film, Best Actor, and Best Music in 1999, as well as over 50 other awards.

My Life
starring Michael Keaton, a tremendous story of personal growth and transcendence

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